Cactus Carlos​


About Us

How we began

Walking down the picturesque streets and trails of Sedona and taking in the views of its legendary red rocks is indescribable to those who have never experienced it firsthand. For many who visit the various tourist shops in town seeking to commemorate their journey to this magnificent and striking locale, they would hope to find an item that, in some way, reflects the raw beauty and rugged individuality of Sedona.

Many visitors are left with this desire unfulfilled, seeing the same merchandise uniformly stocked in all the different stores and all made in some exotic foreign country, with the only difference being a few dollars in pricing.

We seek to change that.

We are a locally-owned shop and most of our products are from our own factory or are made by local artisans and craftsmen: American made, just as Sedona itself was in 1902. We seek to bring you a unique shopping experience by offering you the best merchandise at the best prices through our unparalleled customer service.